PACT’s mission is to foster a positive relationship between the community and the police department.  PACT is a simple promise made by both the community and the police department to take the time to get to know one another. This is done by entering a PACT to spend one month together. The Police Officer and the Family agree to spend up to 3 hours a week together. This could be having dinner together, going to baseball game, going to church, etc.  During this time they will be given a series of questions to help spark the conversation. These questions are geared to understanding the culture of each person.

The Officer & Community participant will be asked to journal what they learned about each other. The notes will be shared with their Community Group.  The Community Group consists of the Police Officers and the community coming together every 3 months to share what they have learned. These sessions will be held at various religious organizations within the community. By hosting these events at the Religious Organization we will be sure to get community involvement.

This program will allow both the Officer and the Community Participant to understand they have more in common then they realized.

© 2017 by Mesa MLK Committee Created By Denise TrimbleSmith

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